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H.O.W. To Club, Inc. CLUB MISSION Statement
    The mission and purpose of the Club is to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which recovering alcoholics and their families can pursue sober socialization. The Club is A.A. oriented and committed to following the principles set forth by the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.
How To Become A Member Of The HOW TO CLUB
  • $12.50 a month donation for individual membership
  • $18.00 a month donation for family membership
Benefits of membership:
  1. Discounted prices on counter items.
  2. Availability to the club 365 day a year during club hours. (Non-members restricted to ˝ hr. before and ˝ hr. after meetings).
  3. Social events for members (picnic, anniversary diner and dance party, Etc.).
  4. Share our experience, strength, and hope in an AA relaxed non-threatening environment.
  5. Keeping the door open and a source of help for the still suffering person.
  6. Availability to 32 meetings a week and room for more.
  7. A chance to volunteer for counter services, and help at your club.
    To join the HOW TO CLUB we suggest that all new members attend four (4) beginners Meetings, unless applicant is and has been an active member in a recognized AA or Al-Anon Group for on year or more. While attending beginners meetings, temporary membership will be issued.
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    It is expected that the conduct of individuals using the facility will conform to reasonable ethical and moral standards including, but to limited to, the following guidelines:
  1. The club recognizes the equal rights of all individuals and denounces bias and/or prejudice in any form as they relate to religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or creed.
  2. In the interest of safety and protection, any act of violence or threats of violence will result in immediate suspension of Club privileges and can result in permanent loss of membership.
  3. Obscene and/or profane language is offensive to many individuals and will not be condoned by the Club.
  4. Sexual harassment and/or explicit sexually inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated.
  5. Gambling and/or card playing are not permitted on the premises.
  6. Soliciting for the purpose of personal or commercial profit in not permitted on the premises unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  7. Theft of/or deliberate damage to the property of the club or any individual will result in consequences as described in guideline number one above.
  8. Endangerment through reckless conduct will result in immediate suspension of Club privileges and can result in permanent loss of membership.
  9. Meetings are to be treated with respect and members are to expected to refrain from disruptive behavior such as loud music, laughter, etc., during these times.
  10. Generally speaking, individuals under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances should not be on the premises. The exception will be those who come to the club seeking help for their problem.
  11. It is expected that all members will pay their monthly pledges not later that the 15th of each month so that the Club can maintain its financial responsibilities.
  12. Non-members are welcome one-half hour before and after each meeting they attend. The exception will be individuals seeking 12th step assistance.
  13. Generally speaking, food and beverages should be purchased at the Club. There may be exception such as special events/circumstances.
  14. Children or young persons under the age of 18 are to be accompanied by a responsible adult who will be expected to supervise them at all times.
    Questions regarding the above should be referred to the counter tender or any Board member who is present. Further suggestions regarding policy are welcome. Please keep in mind our primary purpose, use good judgement, show respect and enjoy your Club.

The Board of Directors

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